Gura Humorului & Voronet Monastery

Gura Humorului & Voronet Monastery

Gura Humorului is a small but very pretty town located in Southern Bucovina. You won't find many tourist attractions there. However, take a walk around the center of Gura Humorului and you will discover a charming town in Bucovina hidden behind concrete buildings.

Gura Humorului is surrounded by eye-catching sceneries: mountains, forests, meadows and the road winding through them - will make you enjoy the ride. Gura Humorului also gives you a starting point to the most interesting tourist and mountain routes in Bucovina. During your stay in Gura Humorului you must visit some famous painted churches like Sucevita, Humor, Voronet or any other as they all are easy accessible.

The closest one is Voronet Monastery that is famous by its' unique blue color used for outer walls. A color could not be reproduced so it got its' own name - "Voronet blue". Built in 1488 by Stefan the Great, Voronet is said to be one of the most prestigious monasteries founded by the Moldavian ruler. It fascinates visitors with its fabulous paintings that depict the lives of famous saints. Similar as Sucevita Monastery, Voronet is also hidden behind huge and massive medieval walls whose purpose was protect citizens.

Voronet Monastery is one of painted churches of Bucovina that was included into UNESCO Heritage list. Spectacular architecture and deep history made Voronet very attractive to tourists. For us there were too many people, so we would rather recommend Sucevita Monastery - peaceful place not overcrowded by tourists, but not less spectacular as Voronet.

Helpful tips

Markets. In Gura Humorului and especially near Voronet Monastery as in every other location on the world welcomed by tourists you will have plenty of shops who can sell you overpriced souvenirs. However, prices in grocery shops are the same as through whole Romania, however, take into consideration that bigger shops usually hold better price.

Transportation. You can easily access Gura Humorului by car, bus or train. There is no public transportation in town as it is small mountain village and you can get around on foot. To Voronet Monastery you can go also by car or use a taxi. However, it is not so far from Gura Humorului, so you can take walk and enjoy nice landscape, it will take about 1 hour to reach the monastery.

Getting around Bucovina. While traveling around Bucovina don't forget to visit painted churches from Moldovita, Sucevita and Humor. Also, you will be fascinated by wonderful roads of region surrounded by mountains and charming nature.

Best of luck planning your holidays in Bucovina!

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