On our way, traveling through various parts of Lithuania we visited many beautiful places and cultural sites from which some of course had museums. According to latest Ministry of Culture data in Lithuania there is 104 working museums.

Well, even for us it is a lot! We have not visited them all yet, however, if you ever wonder how to get quality content cheaper or free, this article is for you.

While planning your activities in Lithuania, we want to encourage you to be more open to traveling around and not just focus on beautiful capital – Vilnius. Even, if you have only couple days, Lithuania is small, thus, you can easily manage to visit more than one city using either car, bus or hitchhike.

Even though, Vilnius probably is one of the best capitals to live in and here you can find majestic old town holding a lot of different architecture styles, museums, ton of activities and cultural sites, it is not the one and only place to see while visiting Lithuania and that is a fact.

To be honest, there are many other cities, towns and even villages which are really worth your while.

You should plan your trip and visit one or more cities around Vilnius. And if you have couple additional days in your weekend, you should find a way to drive through the whole country.

While planning your trip what you want to keep in mind is that on last Sunday of the month all National and Republican museums who are under Ministry of Culture control must open their doors and share their permanent expositions with the customers for free.

It depends on you how many or which ones you decide to visit. However, we have made another article about “The best museums for a weekend getaway in Lithuania”.

By the way, here is The List of Museums which you can visit.

Good luck planning your trip!

Is there anything else you would like to visit while in Lithuania?

If you have anything in mind, please let us know and let’s discuss it.

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